The right talent is essential to ensuring your projects and job placements are successful. Through our four-step Technical Excellence Process, we reliably deliver quality technology professionals that are an excellent match for both technical skill requirements and your overall environment.

  1. Technical Market Knowledge & Proficiency
  2. With high demand for technical crafts, competition for quality staff is tougher than ever and many clients find it difficult to attract and retain the top technical professionals.

    TEP Relief: We are technical experts. Grow Your MSP is managed by industry-certified engineers who have been in the MSP space for many years. We don't leave our client's opportunities in the hands of someone without an in-depth understanding of technology. Our Technical Recruiters know what our clients are looking for, both our client and each candidate's priorities, and what it takes to attract and retain that candidate for our client.

  3. Business & Environment Comprehension
  4. Typical technology recruiters frequently look to fill positions as quickly as possible, before understanding their client's business and culture.

    TEP Relief: We take the time to understand your business, internal environment, technology initiatives, and requirements. Closely working side by side with our clients enables us to develop a strategy that will attract top technical talent in a highly-competitive labor market.

  5. Screening & Selecting Ideal Professionals
  6. Clients frequently waste their time reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates that are not properly screened to ensure they are a quality fit.

    TEP Relief: Our screening and selection stage is extremely thorough. We evaluate every resume, host face-to- face or web interviews, conduct technical assessments, and perform detailed personal checks prior to presenting the candidates to our clients.

  7. Holding Premium Talent Close
  8. Keeping great talent is crucial to managing successful technical projects and placements. This is no easy task. Most technology professionals receive up to 3 calls per day from recruiters trying to "sell" them a new opportunity.

    TEP Relief: Our retention process allows us to consistently communicate with our clients and technical professionals throughout their engagements. This enables us to keep our technical professionals concentrated and focused on the client's project rather than looking for another opportunity.